Run Down of Unlimited Mobile Phone Plans as of 3-26-08

In this post I wanted to let people know what’s out there.  Maybe you’re an entrepreneur on the go, a sales professional who needs to be connected at all times OR someone who’s never home, but doesn’t want to miss a call from Mom.  In any case, here are the cellular plans and what is offered for around $100/mo(Also, please note that the included features and estimated pricing is to the best of my knowledge as of 3-26-08.  We do not represent any of the following companies.  I have included web addresses so people can research the information for themselves).

Helio - for unlimited calling, web, text messaging, picture & video messaging, instant messaging, data, e-mail, GPS, and YouTube & MySpace mobile(

Sprint - for unlimited calling, web, GPS, text messaging, direct connect, and e-mail( .

Verizon - unlimited calling & mobile web 2.0(

T-Mobile - unlimited calling, text messaging, video & picture messaging & unlimited instant messaging(

AT&T - unlimited calling(

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