POLL: What are the driving forces that inspire you to get out of bed everyday?

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This was a question I asked on Twitter back in January and the gentleman, Rob Bowen, was so kind to elaborate. See Rob’s answer below…

“Words. They may not seem like much, but to a writer like me, they are all I need to get me going. Each day bringing the promise of a new game of wordplay to indulge my creative side, and dance with my muse. Never knowing how the words will come, and moreover, where they will lead. Their simple brilliance carrying such power and majesty. Just hearing familiar verses, and reading favorite passages as the day winds away, always leaves me inspired and ready to face each new day that dawns.

They are the basic building block of our communication, making so many amazing things happen across the globe. Like the breathes that we take, these essential leviathans of language meet so many needs and give life to so much that they are invaluable. And so many of us take them for granted without realizing how much they enable and can empower us.

Naturally, with my forte falling in the grasp of these compact creators of conversation, I cannot help but pay homage to their splendor. But it is more than that. Words saved my life, once upon a time, and I know that sounds a bit overdramatic, but allow me explain. Writing became an outlet for me in high school, and the words allowed me to expel the darkness that seemed to fill me and my thoughts. Expressing the pain that I felt would be my undoing to an empty page, in ways that I could never have hoped to discuss with anyone. The words there on the page, trapped, far from the harm they were inflicting, shone like a beacon through the mist for me, allowing me to acknowledge their existence and what they stood for without being controlled by them.

So words became so much more to me than just the basic building blocks that they are. They became a source of inspiration. They became the powerful tools they so often can become. A reason to get up and face each day and whatever it had to throw at me, for I knew that now, I had a means of dealing that I was delighted to delve into!”

About Rob : Robert Bowen, or Rob depending on the context, was one half of the creative duo behind Dead Wings Designs, the Arbenting design blog, and is now one of the editors of Fuel Your Creativity. He is a celebrated podcaster and poet who dabbles in writing for the big screen and the small pages.


  1. Rob
    July 14, 2009

    Thanks for the opportunity to elaborate, my friend. I do enjoy the wordplay!

  2. emilwisch
    July 20, 2009

    Well, I certainly appreciate participation, Rob.

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