Operating Your Own Business, Starting A Business, OR Thinking About Starting A Business?

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Here are a couple of quick resources to boost your business, get started, or get your creative juices flowing and come up with some great ideas.

SCORE (http://www.score.org): This is a non-profit organization that provides FREE (we love FREE around here) advice and counseling to small businesses.  You can check out the existing resources on their website, e-mail a counselor (they usually get back to you extremely quickly), or set up an appointment to meet with a counselor.  They were there to help in the extremely early developmental stages of UrbanMelt.com

Startup Nation (http://www.startupnation.com)  Startup Nation is another FREE resource with great articles and a community of experts to help with almost any venture you can dream up.  You can get a lot of ideas and get your ideas critiqued in Startup Nation’s forums.  We have gained valuable insight by getting constructively criticized in the forums.

LOCAL Na8ion (http://www.localna8ion.com)  Last, but not least, is LOCAL Na8ion.  You may have noticed that we’ve mentioned them before.  It’s for good reason.  LOCAL Na8ion falls right in line with what UrbanMelt.com is all about, providing assistance and resources to the small business owner out there who wants/needs to be noticed.  Why run a business if people aren’t going to find you.  “If you build it, they will come”, happens under perfect conditions.  LOCAL Na8ion shows you how to put up your own, easy-to-edit web site AND how to market it, all for (you guessed it) FREE!  Implement some of the strategies that Julian Seery Gude of LOCAL Na8ion talks about and you should see a noticeable increase in your business.

Come on back now ya hear,

Emil @ UrbanMelt.com

***note: UrbanMelt.com is being completely overhauled as we speak.  Our goal is late April 2008, if all goes according to plan.

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