Killed with Kindness: Zappos

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Almost everyone’s heard of Zappos focus on customer service. Well I experienced it. It’s not just hype.

I ordered a pair of sandals last Friday afternoon, May 28. I received an order confirmation email, which is to be expected. Well, later that evening I received another email from Zappos letting me know that my shipping was upgraded (I chose standard shipping ’cause there was no rush). I ended up receiving the sandals on Tuesday, June 1. Mind you, Monday, May 31 was Memorial Day. Before I found out I was getting upgraded shipping, I was already impressed because Zappos offers free shipping both ways and a 365 day return policy at all times. It had been awhile since the last time I ordered anything from Zappos (’04) and that could very well be the reason I got special treatment. Maybe I won’t wait so long next time. Maybe Zappos will be my first option.

A big “GRAZIE!” to Zappos for making my day.

With Love, Emil

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