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Lattitude Zine  


Lattitude is a collectively written zine. If there’s something you’d like to see in an upcoming issue, no problem, get writing. Now, we’re well aware that everyone is not too interested in writing and they just want to read about something. Well, we’d like to help you there too, feel free to send us suggestions and we’ll see what we can do to provide some coverage for your beloved topic.

As for artwork, we’re always open to submissions in that arena as well.

Feel free to send your submissions to:

This (zine) can be about whatever you, the reader, would like. You can become the writer, the photographer, the artist! We feel different view points on given topics are what make an interesting, honest and true to life publication. Remember we’re looking for writing, photos and art. We can use all the help we can get as there’s only so much our limited resources allow us to get together in a single month.

Lattitude is a free publication out of Louisville, KY collectively written with content and artwork provided by it’s community of readers. Essentially our reader base is our staff. Lattitude is based on principles of free will, individual liberty and do it yourself fundamentals.

In our current form, we’re your standard issue half size, black and white zine. As soon as we have a couple advertisers on board, along with an expanded reader base we will expand to a full size magazine style format. Lattitude will always remain a free publication, not only in the aspect of obtaining each issue but simply in the ability to publish information on whatever topic we deem necessary. Never doubt that.

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