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I’d like the first community builder profile to be of someone who has a local connection.  Phil Tadros of (a cool community & social network) and I both grew up in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, and last night I reached out to Phil as I have quite a few times in the past knowing I’d get a lightning-quick response.

Here are a few questions Phil answered for me:

EMIL: What do you think is the most important thing you have done to grow the Proper community?

PHIL: It’s reflective of my real life and the people I meet and see online and off.

EMIL: What’s the most important quality that you possess, that differentiates you, Phil Tadros, from other community builders?

PHIL: Intuition, patience, drive and my big old stupid heart.

EMIL: What mistakes have you made to piss off people within the metroproper community or potential members of metroproper?

PHIL: Metroproper was my first online project ever so I had to learn by making all the mistakes you could imagine, but it made for a good story and really pulled together some really amazing people and I’ve been able to help many others in not making the same list of mistakes.

I’m really happy with where we are at now and we keep working at it, soon we launch music and local buzz!

EMIL: When talking about MetroProper or your other ventures, what do you dedicate the majority of your time on?

PHIL: I spend most my time on making sure everyone is okay and productive, and the lifestyle of web start ups and coffee shops make it so I’m constantly from wake up to pass out working on helping solve things with people. I’m open to the public, literally 🙂    phil [at]

To see what else Phil is working on check out his profile on LinkedIn

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