Dear Limit Login Attempts WordPress Plugin: Thank you kindly for saving my ass.

Soooo…..all of a sudden all of my client sites running on WordPress (on the same server) are timing out.

I called our managed VPS provider, WiredTree, to see what was up. I got lucky because the problem was intermittent, but it was occurring at the very moment I got thru to tech support. After noticing there was a spike in load on our server, my homie at WiredTree found that there were a large number of processes running on the login page of one of our WordPress installs.

Determination: Brute Force attack attempting to gain access to WordPress instance via login page. There was a break in the processes, and I immediately installed Limit Login Attempts. Order and harmony was restored. Download that bad boy here, folks:

Yeah, it’s time to lock down all of our WordPress installs once and for all.


Learn Faster: Deconstruct and Simplify

Key Takeaways:

I don’t care if you like him or not. He’s doing a lot of the research and trials so we don’t have to. I’ve been digging for ways to optimize my time spent learning, due to a self-induced time deficit, in order to advance in my career and contribute to personal happiness.

Must. Master. Humor.

Maybe Tim Ferriss should be called the Oprah of life hacking. His celebrity and know-how gives him access to some great minds and he pays it forward. I don’t know Oprah, personally, but my perception based on what I’ve seen, I don’t think we’d be friends. No matter. She provided great content and a lot of the time brought light to major issues and showcased knowledgable guests – the world is probably a better place because of her.

I’ve consumed a lot of Mr. Ferriss’ stuff. I don’t put it all into action, but what I like most about him – he makes me think about problems and situations differently.

This video above is not a complete how-to, but it should get you thinking.